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Focus on Long Sports Towels

A helping tip is to focus on Long Sports Towels which most customers target on. YesPromotion offers the most complete collection by the best use of material. Click on any photo below to view specs and prices. Or get an overview of All Towels.
The occasions for towels are:
Personal care – Beach towel, gym towel, face towel, sports towel, etc.,
Cleaning cloth – Lens cleaner, screen cleaner, car wash, window wash and more
Give away or for sale in Sports Events and Activities – Rally towel, jogging, cycling…
They are superabsorbent, can dry much quicker than regular cotton towels and weighs lightly.
Microfiber Towels also meet the higher quality standard of this skin-touch merchandise. Standard material is 75% Polyester + 25% Nylon, 250 GSM. Items are REACH Compliant, SGS report is available.
We accept minimum of just 50 units with very short delivery; Set-up charge is FREE. We are well-equipped and can work with you to get BIG orders.

YP17025 Size 19x110cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17025A Size 19x110cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17075 Size 22x100cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17075A Size 22x100cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17076 Size 25x100cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17076A Size 25x100cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17077 Size 30x100cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17077A Size 30x100cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17078 Size 33x100cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17078A Size 33x100cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17079 Size 35x100cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17079A Size 35x100cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17080 Size 30x110cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17080A Size 30x110cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17081 Size 33x110cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17081A Size 33x110cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17082 Size 35x110cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17082A Size 35x110cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17083 Size 22x110cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17083A Size 22x110cm Sublimation on 2 sides

YP17045 Size 28x180cm Sublimation on 1 side

YP17045A Size 28x180cm Sublimation on 2 sides