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YP01F001 Integrated Half-split door curtain 85x150cm by sublimation

The product only includes the printed curtain fabric and does not include the curtain rod (as the shipping cost itself may exceed the cost of purchasing a curtain rod from a nearby hardware store). Th ...

YP01112S Half-split door curtain 85x45cm by sublimation

Connect the image crossing the middle cut, allowing your creative design unrestricted. Please make sure to follow the template instructions: for the half-cut curtain, the left and right pieces should ...

YP17A058 Plush towel 19x19cm full color sublimation on one side

A synthetic mini cleaning cloth with microfiber surface on 1 side for excellent use on glasses and PC monitors, and with towel surface on the other side providing extra power for tasks like scrubbing ...

YP32B026B Non-Woven Insulation Tote Bag 24x24x8cm by Sublimation

Item designed to hold 2 water bottles. Allowing your complete big logo or design full color sublimated both sides. The tote bag (hand bag) is with short handles. Non-woven fabric is biodegradable and ...

YP01A128 rPET A4 Bag 25x35cm Full Color by Sublimation

A4 Bag Bag 25x35cm with short handles designed for taking A4 documents, brochures, iPads, etc. Production in-house Yes Promotion. Minimum quantity 50 pieces with your own logo. rPET fabric Tag availab ...

YP22033A Hand-held banner 144x90cm by sublimation

Decorating Banners of size 144x90cm for multiple occastions. Item by sublimation (Printing on paper and heat transferred onto fabric) with vivid colors as comparing to direct printing. (Great as a Ch ...

YP01040DB-F Dark Blue Canvas Makeup & Pencil Case W+CMYK Transfer Printed

Canvas Convenience & Cosmetic Bag, Material fabrication in Taiwan, logo printing and bag stitching done in-house Yes Promotion. Prices inclusive of logo White + CMYK on 1 side or 1 position (optional ...

YP01A030S rPET Full-Color Foldable Shopping Bag Small with short handles

Each bag comes with a small elastic band to tie. Your large logo and photographic designs by sublimation on full surface around.
Material fabrication in Taiwan, logo printing and bag stitching done i ...